Photography Lecture Series

A series of photography lectures is being conducted consisting of four lectures spread over the month of October with an aim to train people in photography right from the root level. Coinciding with the ongoing photography GC, this would also help the people from the viewpoint of the GC. Apart from the theoretical training through the lectures, these lectures are interspersed with photography sessions from time to time when people will get to try hands-on what they learn in the lectures.

The first two lectures took place on 8th and 12th October and both saw a participation of about 90-100 students. The lectures were prepared by Bijon Lahiri and Harshwardhan. Jasvipul joined the team for the 2nd lecture. Topics covered during these two lectures were:
– Basic Working of a Camera
– Exposure Triangle
– Camera Modes
– Metering Modes

A photography session was conducted on 16th October, Saturday at 7am at the Lake side and saw about 10 newbies along with 5 others. This gives impetus to conducting many more sessions of this kind every morning and probably forming smaller groups with mentors in each who could go out for photography as and when it pleases them.

The other two lectures in the series are planned for 19th and 28th October respectively


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