GBM Report and QnA

Hey Everyone,

Please find attached the report for cultural activities conducted during the academic year. We would request you to please read the report. We feel that this academic year has been fruitful for cultural activities with many good things happening in the institute and great performances at venues outside. There are other avenues where we may have fallen short, though not for lack of hard work. We would request you to contribute and provide feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

It is also our responsibility to provide the explanations that were asked of us at GBM, to the entire community, many of whom were not present at the GBM and are entitled to the answers their representative sought. There are two files attached with this mail. The ppt is a report of the work done by the Council over the past year, and the document contains an explanation for various points of my manifesto, and other questions received during the GBM.

We admit that while the manifesto has been used as a strong guiding tool, some decisions were taken in real time with opinions of the entire council. This was often to accommodate the new developments that were accounted for after the time the manifesto was initially made. To make up for the deficit, new initiatives were undertaken and past ventures consolidated that weren’t a part of the original manifesto.

Do accept our apologies for the delay in putting the report up.
Additionally, it is our humble request that you send your valuable feedback directly to the  respective secretaries and myself.



Best Regards,

Harsh Jhaveri
General Secretary, Cultural Affairs 2010-11
IIT Bombay.


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