Open Potpourri

Open Potpourri report:

The much awaited Open potpourri event took place on 13th October, Wednesday in H2 mess. Set
and conducted by Mukund and Baheti, the event was a success- lots of fun and entertainment all
round. Around 100 people(30-40 teams) turned up for the competition.

First were the elims, consisting of a few rebuses, Dumb-C’s, Pictos and Manhunts. 6 teams made it
to the finals, with one freshies (bandi) team making it through as well. The finals were split into 7
rounds. Most notable were the Coco Bongo round, involving drumming cartoon theme songs to the
rest of your teammates, and the Matchstick Picto round, which all teams cracked. The second last round was the chain reaction round where one member dumb-C’d the event to the second person,
and then further cluing by picto or tinto to the third member. The final round which settled it all was the speed acting dumb charades round which was cracked by the sophie team who won by a very very narrow margin of 2 points.
All in all, an awesome event, cracked by Rushabh, Sankalp and Priyank in first place, Kislay, Eeshan and Ishan in second and followed by Meghna, Vinit and Ritika in third.


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  1. Digvijay says:

    Need to get in touch with Jose … was my wingmate and neighbour at H8. Please connect … rgds

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