Technicals Session by Sameer Mishra

Tuesday, 19th October 2010
Yoga Room

The judges of last year’s Main Dram GC had made a comment, “You’ll are a tech institute and almost all the plays messed up in technicals. Funny”. Keeping this mind, several measures were taken to ensure a better level of technicals this year at the Main Dram GC, the first of them being this session by Sameer Mishra.

Technicals in theatre basically involves the correct and efficient usage of lights, sounds and prod during a play. The session mainly concentrated on the use of lights and sound. Sameer started off with describing the importance of lights in a play and how they can be used to create different effects on stage, even without the presence of any kind of prod. He showed examples from previous IITian plays as to how light was and can be used to potray sometimes different moods, sometimes emotions and sometimes even various characters.

He moved on to sound where he mentioned about how much time in a play should there be background music, how does one choose which soundtrack to play and how can live music be put in effectively.

It surely was an insightful session and people attending it will definitely agree. The session certainly proved its significance as this session coupled with the extra time given to hostels for practicing by splitting the GC into 2 days, resulted in a much sound usage of technicals this year as compared to last time around!


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