Main Dramatics GC

23rd – 24th October, 2010

The main dram GC in its new avatar – split into 2 days for the very first time to ensure longer rehearsal times with lights, definitely lived up to its expectations. 13 plays, each as good as the other. Well just to judge which one was better than the rest, we had a very distinguished panel of judges:
1. Mrs Rashi Bunny – a thorough veteran in the field of theatre, she has been a director, a writer and a very skilled actor for indeed a very long time. She has certain very distinguished accolades to her name including Top 50 emerging icons of India
2. Mrs. Aditi Sharma – a professional theatre actor for the last 12 years, she has been a co-writer and actor of the winning play at Thespo, one of the more prestigious theatre competitions with a Best supporting actress award to her name.
3. Mr. Saurabh Pathak – A professional theatre actor himself, he has been involved in training actors for theatre and cinema for the past 15 years at the Roshan Taneja foundation for Performing Arts.

Kudos to all the efforts put in by the hostels!! Their week long preparations could be surely seen on stage.


Mimansa – Hostel 9


Hawaalat – Hostel 6

He, Me and She – Hostel 13

Chui Mui – Hostel 10

Usne Kaha Tha – Hostel 2

Best Actor 1: Siddharth Gupta (Sid) [H9]
Best Actor 2: Aparna Malaviya [H11]

Congrats to all the winners!!
The dram GC ended with H6 as the overall winner.

The judges were completely astonished by the performances as they said that they did not expect it from us. Seeing the potential, the judges have left with some really good news for us:

1. Mrs Rashi Bunny has voluntarily agreed to conduct a workshop for us. Besides, seeing the potential, she is even interested in directing us for a play
2. Mr Saurabh Pathak, a theatre actor trainer, has agreed to give us 10-12 days of his time to help us out with a certain play in whichever way we want
3. Mrs. aditi sharma has said that she shall be available to IIT for whatever kind of help we require for developing dramatics here be it professional help or be it conducting workshops.

Looking forward to a more improved dramatics culture at IITB.

Up next:
IIT Bombay Theatre Fest 2011: 12-16 jan 2011


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