IQL – General Quiz

The highly awaited lit event, the IQL Gen Quiz was held with much aplomb on Tuesday,
the 18th. The rains played spoil sport yet again, leading to the change in venue from the
OAT to the SAC yoga room. The turnout was fairly decent. Quizmaster Ashwin Krishnan
ensured a healthy mix of all genres and made it, as he put it, a Very General Quiz. The
eliminations consisted of 30 questions, all fairly workout-able. 6 senior teams made it to the
finals, amongst which 2 freshie teams were divided to make the teams of 4 each. The finals
consisted of dry rounds, a long visual connect, a choose-your-topic round and a challenge
round, which didn’t go quite as expected. The quiz was highly entertaining, but with
hardly any audience to enjoy it. The evening also saw a lot of heated arguments amongst
participants, vying for the top spot. The final results were as follows:

1. Mukund , Surinderjeet, Mayur, Harshveer.
2. Kislay, Meghna, Mukul, Pranay.
3. Uttapam(Paddy), Shanbhag, Pulklit, Chirag.
4.Vinit, Priyank, Rushabh, Abhie.
5. Antariksh, Ritika, Baheti, Aditya Dongre.
6. Aviral, Raghavan, Dempo, Advait.

-Vinit Atal


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