IQL Sports Quiz

IQL Sports

The newly launched Institute Quizzing league kicked off with the Sports Quiz on Monday, 11th
September. An awesome elims and good finals, set and conducted by Ishan Srivastava. Due to
weather constraints, the event which was originally to be held in OAT, got shifted to the Yoga room,
but no complaints from participants. Around 40 teams turned up.

The 30 question elims were followed by 6 rounds in the finals. Six non-freshie teams made it
through. Two freshies teams were taken and split up among the senior teams. The finals had many
interesting rounds with challenge funda and long connects were there. In a very surprising turn,
with points changing with every round, 2 teams- Mukund, Anvay, Meghna and Ranjit as well as
Ashwin Raghavan, Surinderjeet, Omkar Nene and Aditya Bhandati were tied for first place. Paddy(Uttapam), Harsh, Animesh, and Sudarshan came 3rd.

All members of the winning teams get points added to their individual tallies, so a ranking will be
obtained. Let’s hope the enthusiasm continues in the quizzes ahead!

The points tally has been put up here –


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