Spy Games

Spy Games Report

For the first time, Literati conducted Spy Games on 7th October, Thursday at Som Well. The event, which saw a large turnout of about fifty teams, was set and conducted by Antariksh Bothale and Mukund Madhav.

The elimination rounds made all participants scratch their heads as they tried cracking codes, uncovering hidden messages and figuring out language translations. 8 teams went to the finals.

a. Interrogation, which had a tinto type format, except answers could be lies as well!
b. A code based round in which one member from each team had to convey personalities and places to his team using code words, secret actions or anything which wouldn’t let the other teams figure it out.

The finals had to be cut short because of security pains, and a Mafia-type World War round, and a Shoot Osama round could not take place.

All in all, a fun event which was cracked by sophies Tejas Naphade, Gurbaksh and Akshay Agarwal who won magnifying glasses (:P) as prizes. The convener team of Paddy, Meghna and RUshabh came second, and the infi old fourthie/fifthie team of Rahul Gaur, Nikhil Vij, and Satpreet Singh Arora came third.


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