Freshie Prod event report

25th sept,
Yoga room

1 evening, 11 awesome plays. Some were street plays while the others one-act. Yoga room was thronged with audience to watch the talent of freshmen .The event was “Freshie Prod”, the very first time the freshers take stage to perform a prepared play. Many sophies and thirdies toiled hard over the previous week to mentor these freshers  to plays which have been earlier performed in IIT. The event was judged by our very own seniors,  Shubhanshu and Puneet Bagla, who indeed had a really tough time deciding the winner. In the end it was “Bolti duniya” of hostel-4 and “Mera Bharat Mahaan” of Hostel 2 who stood joint 1st followed by “Jaago Jaago Jaago” of Hostel 10 and “23 March, 1931” of Hostel 2 in joint 3rd place. It was really good to see the participation of the freshies in such a large nummber as well as in such enthusiasm. One thing was confirmed that night that dramatics of the institute has really good future with such talented and enthusiast freshmen.


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