Ad Making GC

30th Sept,
Yoga Room

A really new concept of making a live ad came in the form of a formal GC event, the Ad-Making GC. This was held with the motive of attracting sophies in large numbers to the dramatics scene as it earlier happened in Socials. And it surely did serve the purpose as the rule of 3 entries per hostel and no limit on the participants’ number in a particular entry saw a participation of over 250 people!

A 2 minute ad with a live jingle compulsory definitely pushed the cretaitivity of the IITians to quite an extent. As expected it proved to be a thoroughly entertaining event with some ads teasing your comic side while the others “issued in public interest” .Our alumni Yash Kumar and Rivaldo were kind enough to come all the way to judge the event despite it being the day of the Ayodhya verdict.

The results:
1st Place
Hostel 3: Marker

2nd Place
Hostel 6: Fevicol

3rd Place
hostel 7: Dabangg Soap

4th Place
Hostel 10: Agarbathi

5th place
Hostel 2: Maggi
Hostel 4: Kayamchuran

Congos to all the winners!


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