Foot Painting

25th September 2010, Freshiezza Phase II

The event saw a participation of around 20 teams of 2 each. Teams were supposed to paint a footwear on their feet. Compared to Freshiezza phase I, the participation was low as was expected owing to freshies being busy with the preparations of the performing arts events. Winners of the events were:
Results Of Foot Painting
1st Jinit Bhatt and Ashwin Paranjape (cowboy shoes) Hostel 3
2nd Avantika and Meryl (Green Floaters) Hostel 10
3rd (1) Mehul Jain and Sachin Kumar (two footwear on the same leg from different views) Hostel 1
3rd (2) Utkarsh Raut and Kartik Sharma (Skeleton shoes) Hostel 4

Special Mentions
Hostel 13: Pranay and Ayan
Hostel 4: Rahul Singh and Gaurav Dongre
Hostel 3: Mohit and VIshesh
Hostel 3: Pallav and Pavan
Hostel 10: Kanika and Apurva
Hostel 10: Sheetal and Kiran
Hostel 8: Deepak and Mukesh


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