Nobel Quiz Mumbai

The much hyped Nobel Quiz was conducted today by the Swedish Embassy in L.T today. With an all expenses paid trip to Sweden at stake for winning the national finals and Swedish internships for making it there, the hype was completely justified. The elims contained questions on Sweden, and the Nobel prizes. Conspicuous by their absence were questions on Physics, Chemistry and Economics, which was slightly disappointing to the people who had prepared those particular topics.

IITB performed exceedingly well as was expected. 5 out of the 6 finalists of the Mumbai edition were home teams, including a freshie team. Rahul Gaur, Ashwin Krishnan and Ashwin Raghavan won the quiz and will now go to the nationals. The relatively unknown team of Animesh, Anish and Nikhil came second, proving that a bit of preparation was enough to do well at the quiz. Rounding up the top three was the team of Abhishek Padmanabhan, Abhishek Muli and Gururaj Saileshwar.
Best of Luck to the winners and may IITB dominate the nationals also.


One Response to Nobel Quiz Mumbai

  1. Gursheel Sahni says:

    I’m a college student from Chandigarh and will be participating in the above quiz from the Delhi region. This is the first time I’ll be participating in it, so would require a little help from you guys.Kindly guide me on how to prepare for the same, and please put up some sample questions ..
    I’ll be highly obliged.

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