Professional Ad Making Workshop by Mrs Gita Sashidharan

Thursday, 23 September 2010
Hostel 3 Lounge

With the Ad making GC around the corner, Fourth Wall conducted an ad making workshop by a professional,
Mrs. Gita Sashidharan to give the students insights on how to go about the entire event.

This was the first under the new initiative of Hostel-to-Hostel workshop program. The idea of this program is to bascially invite 2 representatives from each hostel to attend a workshop who can then replicate the same workshop in their respective hostels. This is considering the fact that professionals generally limit the number of people in a workshop to 25-30. To reach out to more students, this seems to be a a good idea.

A brief profile of Mrs. Gita

  • Partner of a self founded, Public Relations, Branding, Events & Corporate Training firm called VBuzz Communications.
  • Has had a long stint of advertising as client service executive with Lintas, Calcutta.
  • Freelanced for several advertising agencies in developing copy for ads and handled public relations work by developing internal communication tools such as in-house journals and newsletters for several companies.
  • Has been in the field of corporate training for the last 18 years.
  • Academician and teach in several colleges in Mumbai for the students of the undergraduate & postgraduateprogram in Mass Media & Management studies

With certain pains in the original venue and after 2 shifts of venues, the workshop finally began in Hostel 3’s lounge.
Mrs. Gita, an extremely cooperative and charming woman, waited patiently while we sorted out all things.

The workshop finally began as an interactive session telling the students all that goes into ad making. From how could one choose a product, to getting things right, making it suitable for the audience, how to write jingles etc.  The students too enjoyed the workshop asking infinite quiestions as GIta Ma’m tackled each one patiently and convincingly. Her long career in ad making made the workshop even more interesting as she stated out examples from her past experiences. Towards the end, she mentioned a few exercises which the students could do when conducting the workshop in their respective hostels.

Overall, the workshop was an awesome learning experience and hope the students can forward all that they learnt to their hostels as well.


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