Fourth Wall goes professional! Invited by Mckinsey and CO. to perform for their clients @ LAVAASA!

Fourth Wall, the dramatics club of IIT Bombay is certainly acquiring new heights!
We were recently approached by the very renowned McKinsey and CO.  to perform a street play for the corporate junta.

It was basically a part of a 3 day event organized by McKinsey and Co. for their clients, at Lavaasa (a beautiful, planned hill station) where they invited top 150 managers from a leading national bank. Mckinsey was promoting some of there new fundaes for the banking sectors. To drive these points home with greater impact, they were looking for some cultural associations to the theme and wanted us to present these concepts through our medium of street plays to promote this MINDSHIFT

They wanted the team to first give a demo to see if we had what they were looking for.
They loved our concept and performance such that they requested us to prepare not one but two plays.
And so the team packed their bags to a fully paid trip to Lavasa to perform.


  • Gabbar – Ashish
  • Kataria
  • Chandan
  • Samarth Mohan


  • Gabbar – Ashish
  • Samarth mohan
  • Richa Gwalani
  • Mayank Mangal


  • Kumar Saurabh (freshie on congo)

The performance was really appreciated by the audience there who were certainly in for a surprise with this new medium of awareness spreading.
The team too enjoyed their stay there with wonderful hospitality from their side.

In all the trip was a truely awesome experience and certainly a “Once in a lifetime experience“.

Looking forward to more such opportunities in the future!!


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