Enthusiasm is all that is required for any event to be a success which was in abundance in Freshiezza Phase I. Classical Vocals and Instrumentals saw a good participation and several proficient performances. Freshie Idol elims turned out to be an interestingly fun event. The yoga room was full of participants with more coming in till midnight. It was a tough call for the judges but eventually some names did come up.

Classical Vocals

1st: Rohan Pillai H2
2nd: Parul Verma H10
2nd: Meera Ramaswamy H10

Classical Instrumentals

1st: Prajwal A. N. on Violin H4
2nd: K. Satwik on Violin H3
3rd: Rohan Pillai on Tabla H2

Freshie Idol (Finalists)

  • Aakash H1
  • Rohan Pillai H2
  • Mayur Bhalayi H3
  • Arshaq Wazeem H4
  • Bhupendra Soni H4
  • Shubham Yadav H4
  • Salil Argade H5
  • Jigme H9
  • Ishita H10
  • Suhani Shorewala H10
  • Jitendra Singh H12
  • Anoop Kumar Gupta H12

Congratulations to all the winners!!


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