Group Impromptu Dramatics @ Freshiezza

Group Impromptu Dramatics

4th September, 2010, Yoga Room

Sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo? Bobby darling ka swayamwar? Huh? What?!
Yes, freshies were in for a real surprise as they picked up their topics for group impromptu dramatics, the first of the dramatics events at Freshiezza this year.  It was greeted with an overwhelming response with around 25 freshie teams i.e. around 150 freshies participated. The funda was simple – form teams of 6, pick a topic (which was a real weird yet funny situation), have a preparation time of just 5 minutes and go PERFORM! Well, the format being totally spontaneous, gave everyone an equal chance and hence saw participation from freshies who have never acted in their life and also never thought they would. The event was judged by our seniors Gabbar (Ashish) and Richa. Hostel 3 bagged the first place followed by Hostel 4 and Hostel 2 in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The event saw an significant rise in the number of girls participating with 18 girls taking part this year as compared to only 4 last year.
Overall the event was successful in its motive of allowing freshies to get a flavour of dramatics @ IITB.


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