Face Painting @ Freshiezza 5th September

Like every year, face painting proved to be a hit again. It was a crowd of 86 and about 50 faces were painted. It started off with distribution of paints and brushes o the junta and there were two themes given to choose from – ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Angels and Demons’. Vikas, Jim, Pinkesh, Priyanka, Shuchi and Yashaswi got the event started by handling the registrations and material distribution.

Joyjeet and Akvil gave some initial fundae on face painting to the freshers so as to get them going with the painting. Joyjeet once again was there all throughout for guiding us during the course of the event, be it deciding the themes or finally judging the entries. Ashwini, Akvil and Vikas not only were present but also had a hand in enthusing the participants by themselves getting involved in painting.

In the end, Tejashree, Richa and Joy had a tough time in choosing the top 3 out of the 43 odd teams that had come to participate in the event.On organizational front, there was a small issue of shortage of materials due to more than expected turn out. However, it was covered up immediately before a major fall out happened.

Thanks to Tejashree, Richa, Joyjeet, Akvil and Ashwini for being there to make sure everything went flawless and kudos to all the hostel PFA secretaries and club conveners for organizing yet another successful event.


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