Collage Making @ Freshiezza – 4th September

Once again, the crowd was awesome. Almost a 100 people took part and came up with more than 32 collages which the judges had a difficult time to pick the best from. There were two themes to choose from – “Freedom” and “War and Peace” and participants worked in teams of three.
It started with junta coming in and the hostel PFA secretaries did a great job of ensuring that everybody had the materials to work with and things were in control throughout. Vikas, Pinkesh, Aditya, Shivendra, Jim, Priyanka and Rajkumar ensured a huge participation.
Tejashree, Joy and Richa gave a brief introduction to the freshers about how to make a collage and the judging criteria of the competition. Teams were all registered by then and started working. They were all given a time of two hours to complete. Thanks to Joy for being there throughout the entire time of the event and overseeing everything wherever there was a possibility of an error. Vikas, Jim, Pinkesh, Priyanka and Aditya stayed back till the end too mentoring and helping out the freshers with their collage.
Finally, Tejashree and Joyjeet sat down to judge the best 3 out of the 32 collages that were made.
All in all, it was a fantastic event which saw around 100 freshers coming together including some PG’s too. Kudos to the overtly enthusiastic hostel PFA’s and the conveners as well as the Club seniors for such a successful event. The event set yet another example where a publicity plan of intimating the details of the event through hostel secretaries worked and saw a large participation.


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