InSync Orientation and Salsa Workshop

It was raining cats and dogs all day..the 27th of  August..It left us wondering whether the rain would stop, whether people would turn up for the show we had planned..But then the skies cleared at 7:00pm and it had stopped raining after 3 days just for the workshop!!! Phew, we were so damn lucky..

And then came the crowd..awesome freshies I must say..Infi enthu hai..Happy ho gaye hum itni enthu junta dekh kar

For the orientation we had showcased 3 performances: Bhangra (all freshies except 1), Fusion (all freshies), and Hiphop. All performances were loved and heartily applauded by everybody.

The conveners of the Club, Chandu and Sushant and the A.I.D.S. OCs Vinod and Nechlani together did a great job with explaining the Club and A.I.D.S. respectively.

Then came the long awaited SALSA performance. The presentation was awesome, all ladies looking gorgeous along with the handsome gentlemen. (I putched though 😦 )

After the performance was over, the best part had come..The time to learn SALSA. The couples already paired up were finally relieved (finally jisliye aaye the woh cheez shuru hui 😉 ) And the ones not paired up were desperately looking for someone to dance with..And eventually as always (thanks to the awesome boy-girl ratio in IIT), there were 3 kinds of couples, with all possible combinations.

But once the salsa started, nobody cared about whether they are dancing with a guy or a girl, they were all engrossed in learning..That’s the spirit of dance..Its what you learn that matters and not how!!

Kudos to Vinod for doing an awesome job with the mike..the couples thoroughly enjoyed his anchoring (his typical ‘Sholon si Sholon si’, GO GO GO!! etc etc)

It feels great to see happy and satisfied faces when they are going back after all the ups and downs you face in the maling of such a workshop.




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