Freshizza Treasure Hunt

The first event of Freshizza, the treasure hunt took place tonight. More than 500 people (126 teams of 4) participated, and at least 80 teams finished. There were a few glitches, including a cow eating some of the clues at a location, but it was largely mistake-free. Having participated/been involvement in conduction of the treasure hunt for the last 3 years, I think I can safely say that this was perhaps the one with the least mistakes. Full credit to Ishan Shrivastava and his team of coordinators (Jay, Namit, Rahil, Priyank, Vivek, Gurbaksh, Paddy, Vinit, Meghna, Rushabh) for setting the event, and to all the sophies who conducted it, especially those of you who came last moment to bail us out.

I apologize to the teams which had to wait at a location for one reason or the other, but then again, the point of a Treasure Hunt is not to win, but to have fun with your friends, and explore the campus. I’m sure lots of you discovered places that you hadn’t been to, in the course of searching for locations, and I hope all of you had fun. Still, results need to be declared, and after factoring in time bonuses, and clue penalties the final results are –

1. Shuvam, Abhishek, Saurabh, Vijay – H3
2. Hardik, Abhishek, Anuj, Varshul- H4
3. Pravesh, Rahul, Tanmay, Raghav – H4
4. Shravan, Lalit, Atul, Souradip – H4 (These guys apparently did the whole treasure hunt on foot!)
5. Nishikant, Raaz, Dinesh, Nitish – H4
6. Soorya, Upasana, Meryl, Gowri – H10
7. Suhas, Manoj, Sudhakar, Chaitanya – Hostel unknown
8. Sachin, Uday, Utkarsh, Anil – H4
9. Ram, Animesh, Ashraq, Pawan – H4
10. Girraj, Giriraj, Anuj(?), Navdeep – H3

Again, if a mix-up on our part cost you, we are very sorry. But as I said, the point of the treasure hunt was to have fun, and I hope you had tons. If not, do come for the Lit events tomorrow. You will definitely have some there :).




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