Annual Sophie Prod – Event Report

P.C.S.A. Auditorium,
1st September,2010.

A fully packed LT, an enthusiastic audience, and seven power packed plays …we had it all to make one spectacular event to be lasting in the memories of many. The Annual Sophomore Productions, fondly called as the Sophie prod, was conducted to promote theatrical skills among the sophomore students of the institute, it being the first professional platform for many. The teams consisted exclusively of sophies, with mentors allotted to them from the senior batches.

The first play in the line was “Kshitij”. Performed by a team of about 10 sophomores, the play showed we get two different paths in life at each moment, and we can select only one. That choice is very crucial, and once we have made it, there’s no point regretting it. We could not have selected both and so, we must RESPECT OUR CHOICE.
Next in line was a play by the PG students titled “Baba Idol”. The enthusiasm shown by the students was praiseworthy and the audience response, all the more overwhelming. It was a comedy play portraying the true colours of melodrama.
“Rehaii” was the play to be staged next. The play portrayed the story of an Indian prisoner in a Pakistan jail; an extremely well written script with emotions that melted hearts of the audience.
“1729 Bhoogolik express” was a simple yet one of the most elegant plays depicting a conversation between a retired soldier and a businessmen caught up in the corporate world.
Thereafter we had “Doosra Kinara” on the stage. It was a satirical play with a very subtle humour, the story of a man who succumbs to the widespread corruption and becomes a terrorist.
“He is”, the next play, portrayed the presence of god in our lives in human forms. Even though the story was simple but the presentation was awesome!
Last but not the least, “Q.E.D. “, the first ever sophie English play to be staged. The play entailed the story of a group of people having control over the earth. One of the better written and executed English plays that IIT has seen in recent times, truly Shakespearean if it were to be summed up in one word.

The audience enjoyed the splendid colours of theater displayed in the seven plays of different generes and entirely different plots. It wasn’t just another event but a night that shall certainly remained ingrained in the minds of those performing as well those watching!


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