Bollywood Night – The Night that was…

Bollywood Night

The first institute social event of the year! And a massive turnout it was!

General opinion was that it was a very well-set event. Machaxxx by Ishan Shrivastava and Nidhi!

People found the elims very good. The rounds in the finals were awesome – the variations in the rounds made it interesting.

The Rounds in the Finals were:

1 )Bollywood Controversies Round: The Round was relating Bollwood Controversies and Amul Ads.

2) Antakshari Round: There were 2 Antakshari rounds, one of them which had betting incorporated. This was enjoyed by a lot of participants.

3) Dance Round: This round had dance videos shown on the screen, and the participants had to dance to them. The most entertaining round(maybe not for the participants!)

4)DumbC: The Bollywood Night would have been incomplete without a Dumb Charades round, and it did not disappoint.

Great End to a Great Night!

The winners were Siddha, Vinod and Siddharth. They won vouchers worth Rs.1500 from, a T-shirt design startup of IIT alumni. Bhavna, Gouri, Eeshan and Archana came second. So overall the event was a great success and an awesome start to the social events.

Report by Abhishek Padmanabhan and Rushabh Shah


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