Institute Comedy Central

Hey Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the commencement of Institute Comedy Central. Comedy Central, as the name suggests, will be a comedy show comprised of comedy videos made by insti junta. Around 3-4 videos will be fused to make one show every 15 days which will be showcased at the immediately next movie screening/cultural event held in LT. Along with the video making, Institute Comedy Central will also be extended to comic strip making. The best entry apart from winning prizes in both English and Hindi will be printed in Insight and Aawaaz respectively in their next editions.

The theme for the first show/comic strip is Movie Spoof. Entries can range from a fundoo explanation for Inception to spoofing the great old heroes like Shahrukh, Amitabh or Gabbar Singh. You may even have super heroes like Shaktiman, Batman or even Harry Potter as your victims. All you need to do is to choose a situation and make it funny with the involvement of some known characters or through establishing the resemblance to some movie/tv series scene. The main criteria for selection of the video/comic strip would be creativity and the comic element and thus no specific knowledge of filmmaking is essential.

The best 2 entries for the 1st episode/strip will win gift vouchers worth INR 1000. Also, top 10 entries in both the competitions shall be awarded treats by respective hostel cult cos.

All videos will be uploaded on the Youtube Channel :

All comic strips will be shared on DC.

You can submit your videos/comic strip till 10th September to the address . If you have problems sending the file or for any further guidance/help/inquiry, please contact :

Rahul Shankar Bhardwaj Institute Film And Media Secretary 9769071577


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