Hindi Debate GC

Saturday 28th August, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. was Hindi Debate GC
The hostels were clubbed into 12 groups, by clunning together Hostels 1 and 11.
Judges: Monty(H13), Rashmi(ex H11)
Doctors should report all cases of suspected domestic violence
Prisoner should have no right to vote
Parents of children under 15 yrs, committing crime, should be held accountable
Some of the teams were really good. the flow of language was wonderful
The topics were all principle based and didnt go into technicalities
The feedback from judges for the teams was mostly good, with some of the new debaters gaining insights into the nuances of debating.

One Response to Hindi Debate GC

  1. Satwik says:

    “clunning”??? Should be “clubbing” I think. Damn the letters “b” and “n” being close on the keyboard 😛
    Edit ASAP.
    PS- Also avoid “club” verb in the sentence twice if possible…Cheers!

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