Popular Linguistics – I


We are planning to conduct a series of interactive sessions on Linguistics. The sessions will discuss various fields of linguistics and how they manifest themselves in the languages we speak everyday, and how rules that we have been taught to follow make sense at some level and interconnect and have some consistency, rather than just being a mass of rules and a bigger mass of exceptions. The first session will be chaired by our in-house language expert, Antariksh Bothale and will focus on Phonetics. The session will be more like an informal discussion rather than a lecture, and we believe that both novices and initiates will have something to gain from it. The mode of discussion will focus more on the practical aspect of Phonetics rather than technicalities and jargon.

Venue: SAC Library

Date: 28.08.10, Saturday

Time: 6 pm

Hope to see you all there 🙂


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