Music Classes

IITB school of music announces music classes

Guitar by Mr Silman Marak (Rs 1800 for 10 sessions)
Drums by Mr Hamza Kazi (Rs 1300 for 10 sessions)
Hindustani Classical Vocals by Ms Shweta Jog (Rs 1440 for 15 sessions)
Flute by Mr Himanshu Nanda (Rs 1440 for 10 sessions)
Tabla by Mr Prasad Padhye (Rs 840 for 8 sessions)
Violin by Ms Ketki Ponkshe (Rs 1440 for 8 sessions)

Dates: 25th (Wed) to 27th (Fri)
Time: 5 to 7pm
Venue: Coffee Shack
Dates: 28th (Sat)
Time: 6 to 8pm
Venue: SAC (Outside Yoga room)


2 Responses to Music Classes

  1. anupam says:

    hey is it ok if we have an coustic guitar without the f cut

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