Malhar Results

Nice show at malhar by IITB. It was wonderful to win the Lit Trophy and stand overall 4th.
Thanks to all the enthusiastic participants, council mates and ofcourse the hardworking ACL’s for making it a success.

Malhar Winners from IITB:

Gen Quiz – 1st
Rahul Gaur, Siddharth Shanbhag

Niche Quiz – 2nd
Rahul Gaur, Ashwin (Krishnan + Raghavan)

Science Event – 2nd & 3rd
Eeshan Malhotra, Mukul Gupta
Arpan Saha, Pavan Govindraju

JAM – 1st & 2nd
Pranay Bhatia
Eeshan Malhotra

Pentathlon – 3rd
Jim, Pratibha, Surbhi, Mayank, Archana (all sophies.. nice show guys..keep it up)


Cast a shadow: 1st
Tanash, Poorna and Prasoon

Once Upon A Mime: 1st
Ayush Misra and Shashwat Gandhi

Hats Off: 3rd
Akvil Sakhare and Vikas Sharma


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