SPICMACAY concert Report

After a brief orientation by the SPICMACAY junta followed by the lamp-lighting ceremony, it was time for the music gods to shine.  Pt. VishwaMohan Bhatt and Pt. Vijay Ghate mesmerized the audience with their soothing classical music. The pieces were intertwined with insights from Pt. Bhatt about various raagas, the elements (ras) that go into each composition and anecdotes about his musical journey. Contrary to general belief that classical music is slow, the musicians aptly showcased how fast and enjoyable it can be. The concert began with a rendition of the Raag Vishwaranjini (composed by Pt. Bhatt himself). Other highlights included the amazing jugalbandi piece & the Grammy award winning composition “Meeting by the River”. The concert ended with a rendition of Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana. LT was packed and the audience’s enthusiasm rubbed on the artists as they extended the concert by half an hour. The audience also had an opportunity to take autographs and pictures with the artists at the end.


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