English Creative Writing GC Report

English Creative Writing GC
The Literary Arts Club successfully pulled off the first GC of the year, English creative writing,
on Wednesday, the 18th of August. The competition was held at MB 2 from 6.30 to 10.30 p.m.
This year saw around 110 participants, writing both poetry and prose. Jose De Abreu has again
kindly consented to judge the entries, for which we are very grateful. The results should be out
sometime next month.
The funda of the GC this time was very interesting- circular or cyclic story writing without
employing flash-forwards or flashbacks. The topics this time were:
Double Entendre
1. The visitor
2. A half-remembered dream
3. The prophecy
4. The first ______
5. Checkmate
6. The affair
This GC was worth 7.5 points. The breakup of GC points is:
1st 7.5 points
2nd 6 points
3rd 4.875 points
4th 3.75 points
5th 3 points
There was a very good turnout, with infinite entries. Hope the enthusiasm continues for events
to come!

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