Basic Camera Handling Workshop By Pixels

11th August 2010, Lake side

Basic Camera Handling Workshop by Pixels
11th August 2010 Lakeside
The workshop was a huge success. A total of 120 people attended it. These were mostly freshies. In the workshop, people were taught about the different modes of a Camera and basic terminologies in photography and what they mean. A handout of 3 page briefing about the various camera modes was also distributed. Ankit Rana, Ankush Jain, Shuchi Ojha, Harshvardhan, Akvil Sakhare and Uttam were some of the people who gave fundaes during the workshop.

Shuchi began with a brief club introduction telling people about the activities in Pixels and the web structure – Google group and Blog. Ankit and Ankush then started with an introduction of digital cameras, the technical terminologies used and the various modes of photography. They were then joined by Akvil, Shuchi and Uttam.

Done with the basic fundaes, we divided people into various groups with one of us in each group to click some pictures and experiment with what had just been learnt.

Finally the event came to an end with Junta expecting to see more of such workshops and photography trips planned to be conducted later in the semester.


One Response to Basic Camera Handling Workshop By Pixels

  1. Pritam says:

    Can u plz put up d othr pics snappd by us freshies for practice??

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