Open General Quiz

The first event of the cultural calendar was held on the 4th of August at the PC Saxena Auditorium. The turnout was amazing. Infi freshies and infi PGs too! LT was packed for the elims. The finals also had an audience of about 50, not including the finalists.
The team of Eeshan, Shanbhag and Neel won with 227.5 points, craxxing the last round. Akhil, Kislay and Paddywere second with 197.5. Antariksh, Harish and Surinderjeet were third with 158.5. Close behind them were Jhaveri, Nidhi and Ishan with 155 and Mirik, Darsh and Vaid (also 155).
The other two finalists were Arvind Singh, Mukul Gupta, Neehar Jathar and Jaideep Soni, Manu Sahay and Ayush Agrawal.

The teams decided to name themselves for the finals. There were quite a few innovative names including “Malhar Ditch Umang Chalte hai”, “Pony” and “Baskin and Robin”. Almost of the participants professed to have had fun to the quizmaster, but that might just have been out of politeness.

Do show up for the next event – Literati first club meet on the 9th of August at 8 pm at LT.


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